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Feed In Tariff

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Homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills should choose a solar panel for the home. Previous customers have benefited from a more self-sufficient energy supply and have even earned an extra income. The Feed-In Tariff which accompanies a solar panel installation makes it worthwhile to produce your own renewable energy. Not only will you generate your own energy but also, earn extra money for doing so.

Feed In Tariff

Feed-In Tariffs are based on the electricity generated by a renewable energy system based on the property and can earn homeowners an extra income in three separate ways: through a Generation Tariff, Export Tariff and through the electricity supplier.

The Generation Tariff is based on the electricity that is generated from the home whilst the Export Tariff is for any energy exports made when the electricity generated is more than is used. Overall, the less energy a customer imports from a supplier, the lower the bill for each household. Primarily, customers will be paid more for the energy that is generated but not used than for that is used which consequently, encourages energy efficiency.

To save money on your electricity bills and earn money as you generate your own, fill in The Green Deal Plan quote form today for more information on solar panel installation and competitive prices in your area.

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Feed-In Tariffs are based on the electricity that is generated from renewable energy systems such as a Solar Panels system.

The Feed-in Tariff is based on the property and can earn homeowners an extra tax free income in three different ways.

The first way is through the Generation Tariff, the second is through the Export Tariff and the third way is directly through the electricity supplier you use.

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