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Photovoltaic Systems

The installation of solar panels is something that is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners in the United Kingdom. With the constant reminder of drastic climate changes and the current economic problems, the nation is looking for new ways to save money.

At The Green Deal Plan, we look to give customers all the information needed on the importance of solar panels and their installation. Solar panel installation is something that can help stop the current climate change problems as well as help save homeowners money. With recent solar panel grants and tariffs, owning solar panels can also lead to earning extra money.

Through a process known as solar photovoltaics, electricity is produced from sunlight. The Photovoltaic cells are made of thin layers of silicon which are semi-conducting; hence, when the sunlight hits them it is converted into electricity.

Photovoltaic systems

The solar cells which are used to generate electricity rely on individual layers within the cell being charged by light. The greater the intensity of light, the greater the flow of electricity. This doesn’t mean however that the panels won’t work when it is overcast. The Photovoltaic systems can still produce electricity because they not only use direct sunlight but also diffuse solar radiation.

Determining the photovoltaic electricity is completely dependent on the location. At The Green Deal Plan, we can find the best deal for you in your region as well as see if you are eligible for free solar panels.

The advantages of installing solar panels are boundless. Home-owners who have installed solar panels in the past have reaped the benefits, including a reduction on energy bills and immediate availability. Homes with fitted solar panels are able to monitor the amount of electricity that is used which in turn encourages more efficient energy behaviour.

For an environmentally friendly home, homeowners are urged to install their own solar panels. No noise pollution or harmful gases are emitted and solar PV systems are virtually maintenance free. For a no-obligation quote fill in the quote form on the site and one of our team of experts will call you back within minutes with three competitive prices in your area. Save up to 70% today with The Green Deal Plan.

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Feed-In Tariffs are based on the electricity that is generated from renewable energy systems such as a Solar Panels system.

The Feed-in Tariff is based on the property and can earn homeowners an extra tax free income in three different ways.

The first way is through the Generation Tariff, the second is through the Export Tariff and the third way is directly through the electricity supplier you use.

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