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Solar Panel Installers

The Green Deal Plan is experienced in all aspects of solar panel installation from advice and costs to installation in the home. We work closely with a number of businesses and with homeowners to be able to offer the lowest and most competitive prices for solar panels for your home.

As experienced solar panel installers, we can ensure that our customers will benefit from the advantages of owning solar panels in the home. Different systems can bring different benefits to the home and at The Green Deal Plan, we can confirm that you will be given the best advice for choosing the right solar panels for your home. We install the most efficient solar panels available on the market so you can rest assured that you will profit from having a renewable energy system available in your home.

Solar Panel Installers

Owning a renewable energy system is becoming increasingly practical as installing solar panels in the home has become easier in recent years. Homeowners with solar panels fitted to their homes have benefitted from saving money on household bills as well as earning extra money from Feed-In Tariffs.

Solar panels offer a wide range of advantages, even over other renewable energy alternatives making them one of the most popular choices for renewable energy systems in the UK. For most home installations, solar panel systems are easy to fit and require no planning permission before installation. They produce no gas emissions and no noise pollution and usually it does no effect the roof structure at all.

For customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, save money on bills and even earn extra money for your household, look no further than The Green Deal Plan. Simply fill in the quote form available on the site and we will endeavour to call you back with three competitive prices from installers in your area. We will make it easy for you to find the best solar panel cost for the highest quality solar panel installation.

All of our solar panel installers are MCS accredited for renewable energy and solar panel installation which means that you can take advantage of the government schemes which are available like the Feed-In Tariffs and government grants. Choose The Green Deal Plan for competitive prices on your renewable energy solar panel systems.

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Feed-In Tariffs are based on the electricity that is generated from renewable energy systems such as a Solar Panels system.

The Feed-in Tariff is based on the property and can earn homeowners an extra tax free income in three different ways.

The first way is through the Generation Tariff, the second is through the Export Tariff and the third way is directly through the electricity supplier you use.

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