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Solar panel installation is becoming increasingly popular as the nation is reminded of the drastic climate changes and the effects they will have in the future. With the installation of solar panels, customers can not only reduce their carbon footprint but also save money on household bills.
The Green Deal Plan offers customers help and advice on the installation of solar panels. We can give customers the best options when it comes to choosing their solar panel installers as well as offer a range of competitive prices for solar panels in the home. Prices will be found from solar panel installers in your local area and are MCS accredited so customers can benefit from the Feed-In Tariff which is available and which could save you thousands in the long run.

Customers who choose to install a renewable energy system in the home will be contributing to the reduction of global warming as well as saving money on rising fuel prices. In the long term, solar panels pay for themselves thanks to the money saved on household bills and the money earned from the electricity suppliers in your area.

The quote system put together at The Green Deal Plan ensures that the prices that we provide you with our highly competitive and could save you up to 70% on your solar panels. Customers wishing to find out more about solar panel installation or installers can seek advice from one of our team of experts. Simply fill in our quote form with the relevant information along with a photograph of your roof space and we will endeavour to call you back within minutes with a selection of competitive quotes. The quotes will be chosen from a series of local solar panel installers who are MCS accredited. Customers can rest assured that all costs are kept to a minimum and the highest quality products are used.

To help save our environment and save on your energy bills, simply fill in the quote form or call the local rate number available on the site for advice and information on installation. Choose The Green Deal Plan and take the first steps towards a greener planet and ultimately, save yourself money.

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Feed-In Tariffs are based on the electricity that is generated from renewable energy systems such as a Solar Panels system.

The Feed-in Tariff is based on the property and can earn homeowners an extra tax free income in three different ways.

The first way is through the Generation Tariff, the second is through the Export Tariff and the third way is directly through the electricity supplier you use.

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