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Solar Panel Cost

Over the last few years the cost of installing solar panels in your home has come down quite a bit. The average solar panel system that gets installed in the UK (2.7kPh) costs around £12,000 to be installed. Solar panel systems cost in the region of £4000 to £5000 per kPh installed. The cost of the very first kW installed is usually more expensive but the cost per kPh comes down as the size of the solar panel system increases, as economy of scale start bringing the price down.

To make the most out of your solar panel system you should use energy during the day when the sun is out to make sure that you take advantage of the free electricity. You can not only make the money back from installing your solar panels on the savings on you electricity and heating bills, you can make your money back using the feed-in tariff. You can make money on the excess electricity you generate by selling it back to the grid.

Solar Panel Cost

If your solar panel system is connected to the grid and you are benefiting from the feed-in tariff there is usually two main parameters, the house owners budget and the solar panel installation space available. The make the selection of your solar PV system quite simple. Here at we recommend that you try to maximise the efficiency of your property to gain the most you can from your solar panel installation.

If you are planning to install on off-grid solar panel system it is a lot harder to estimate the cost as each system is designed to meet the specific power load of that property. Off-grid solar systems also require a charge controller and banks of batteries to store your power. The first step of estimating the cost of an off-grid solar system is to work out the mid winter daily power need or the daily loads. Once your daily load figure has been calculated you then have to calculate the how much sunlight will shine on your solar panels at the installed angle at that particular time of year.

If you are thinking of installing an off-grid solar system we recommend that you have your power system custom designed to meet your needs. Our installers and designers use a highly advance meteorological database so that we can anticipate power system output for any month of the year, and do this anywhere in the world!

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Feed-In Tariffs are based on the electricity that is generated from renewable energy systems such as a Solar Panels system.

The Feed-in Tariff is based on the property and can earn homeowners an extra tax free income in three different ways.

The first way is through the Generation Tariff, the second is through the Export Tariff and the third way is directly through the electricity supplier you use.

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